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Through art, Martina recreates the mundane objects of everyday life and reveals a new appreciation for them. Despite using a large variety of mediums, Martina has had one constant throughout her artwork. She believes in the use of heavy strokes and lines to build up the forms in her work and show their movement, the same as a print-maker etches lines to make up the picture. This technique was first influenced by the prints made by the famous Albrecht Durer. She is also influenced by the work of Kara Walker who uses a stark contrast between her black silhouetted figures placed on white walls; this is something that has been translated into Martina’s work.

Currently, Martina’s works show a transition from drawing and painting into graphic design, blending the techniques of both art forms into her computer creations. With her Bamboo tablet, she reinvents the physical strokes into the computer, building up multiple layers to complete her piece. The subsequent work shows a blend of her aesthetic for strong lines in a painterly work of art.